Shake Up Your Social Media Experience By Joining A Social Bookmarking Site

Social media is everywhere nowadays. In fact, it is highly likely that you are already using one or more social media platforms to stay in touch with friends and family members and to enjoy yourself during some downtime. However, using popular options like Facebook or Twitter can get tedious at times. What can you do to shake up your social media experience and enjoy yourself a bit more online? Have you considered using a social bookmark site? Social bookmarking sites offer individuals the opportunity to share ideas and products easily online, and just like other social media sites, the best social bookmarking sites are often accessible at no cost. If you are looking for the top social bookmarking sites to provide some diversity to your favorite online recreational activities, there are a couple of websites you can try out to get the hang of it. What kind of social bookmarking site are you interested in checking out?

Pinterest remains an extremely popular social bookmarking site that thousands of individuals across the globe have enjoyed during their free time. When using a social bookmarking site like Pinterest, members of the website are able to create an account and create multiple pin boards. Each pin board is customizable, and can be organized into categories such as recipes, fashion, art, sports, photography, and endless others. Once you set up your boards, the social bookmarking site allows you to install a tool under your internet browser that will allow you to “pin” links, photos, and other implements from other websites onto your boards. A great aspect of Pinterest is that it not only provides easily accessible information from other members, but it also will often link a Pinterest account to another social media website account, such as Facebook. This aids in making information even more accessible for other members and followers.

There are also social bookmarking site options for individuals who enjoy sharing news stories or other interesting stories. The website Reddit can be considered a social bookmarking site, since it functions similarly to Pinterest. At Reddit, members are able to post links to news stories, articles, or even their own photos for other members to access. In addition, the social bookmarking site organizes each link into categories, including news, humor, and technology subheadings. Reddit is a great way to keep up with news and it can be more interesting than other news resources.