Other than me, Who Doesn’t Have Social Media Right Now?!

I am not as in touch with technology as I should be, being a late 20s male. That being said, I have not seen any new social media sites in a while. Okay, I guess it has been the social bookmark site that has crawled up through the slimy miasma that is made up of the social media sites on the internet. They are the newest craze, but it has been some time.

I am such a square, I had to look up what a social bookmarking site actually is. Not ashamed. So, look at Twitter. Or Reddit. Or Pinterest (or any of the man centric versions of Pinterest. They are out there. Silly, but out there). Look at the concept. You have your own page, and you just post (or pin) pictures that act as links to stories or news articles or recipes, or any other internet based link that you want to share with those who are subscribed to you. In terms of Twitter, they are not usually links, but sharing snippets of drivel in 140 characters or less.

For the repinning sites, social media has become even less social! We do not even talk anymore! It is simply “I am going to paste this picture that I want you to look at. I will not say anything. I just want you to look at it and discern how it makes me feel.” It is like a collage that a deaf mute makes. Or a cave man. If a cave man walked to the magazine rack in the super market, he would just grunt and thrust glossy magazine pictures at you. And then it is your responsibility to care and try to Freud the meaning out of them.

“Oh gosh, that is a dog eating a steak. And a woman cleaning the house in a ball gown. And now an old man riding a motor cycle. Let me guess… something ate your food, and your wife ran away with the old man from the cave next door, and they rode off into the sunset on a triceratops?” I know. That is silly. Cave men and triceratops did not live during the same time.

So, when you are looking for new social media sites in a month, keep an eye out for mine. It is going to be a social bookmark site like you have never seen. It will be like Twitter. But you can only post in haiku form. That is right, 5 syllables, then 7 and 5. And each word has to be a picture! It is a haiku in pictures! Man, I amaze even myself some times.