Learn the Basics of Social Media Before You Get Started

As a business, if you want to take advantage of the truly crucial internet marketing strategies, you will eventually need to engage with social bookmarking sites. Before you can do that, you should learn more about them. Doing so will help you to consider them strategically. About 86% of marketers believe social media is important to their businesses, but not every social bookmarking site will be ideal for your business. Here are some basics that will be helpful to learn.

Is there a difference between social bookmarking sites and social media sites?

There is technically a difference between social bookmarking and social media, but the lines are very blurry. For example, many consider Twitter to be a social bookmarking site because of the way that links get shared on it, but it also has a strong networking and communication component that makes it in some part a social media site as well. Pinterest may fall more into the realm of social bookmarking, though it too has social media aspects due to the ability to comment on pins, like them, and connect to different people.

Are there any new social bookmarking sites?

There are scores of new social bookmarking sites, but that does not mean that they are worth joining. Only some sites have enough users to make it worthwhile to put time and effort into cultivating your profile and reaching out to other users. Before you join a new social bookmark site, learn more about how many active users there are, and whether it is on the radar of any social media experts.

What are the top social bookmarking sites?

Depending on your definition, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google Plus, Digg, Delicious, Reddit, Pinterest, and Twitter are all very popular sites. To give you some understanding of how Twitter stacks up, consider that some of the biggest celebrities have millions of followers. To be specific, Justin Bieber has more than 44 million, Katy Perry has more than 42 million, and Lady Gaga has more than 40 million.

A big part of social media and social bookmarking is staying ahead of the curve, whatever that curve might be, and if a new social media network or bookmarking service surfaces, it can be valuable to be an early adopter. Approximately 79% of marketers have made social bookmarking a part of their traditional marketing tactics. If it is time that you joined them, then learn about the features of the top sites, and keep an eye on the up and comers.