How To Use Rael Fire Protection for an Inspection – Andre Blog

nnect app. You can select your work schedule after which you will be able to clock in. Then, click the maintenance button that will open the EquipID application. Verify that you’re logged in or else you’ll have to be re-logged in.

Go to the fire safety device that you’ll be inspecting then click that circular button on the right bottom part of the EquipID app. The tag on the device will ask users to tap it. Then, you can access all information regarding the device using the application by simply tapping it.

To conduct a new check simply tap the New Activity then select the check you want to perform. Verify that the procedure is adequate, inadequate and/or not suitable. Then, you decide if your device either a pass, or fail. You then finish the examination.

Record your activity in the service tab to earn a check. Although you can’t start clocking in until you’ve uploaded something in the service notes (but anything that is a simple “complete complete’ can be used) but it’s still not feasible to receive a payment.

For more information on using to make use of the Rael Redi platform, visit this video or above link.