From deviantART to SoundCloud, Social Media Sites for the Arts and Culture Lover

Are you looking for new social media sites where you can connect with online users who have similar interests? These digital platforms allow you to interact with a larger number of people, whenever you want, about whichever topic you are most passionate. Whether you are looking for forum to network with people about your artwork, favorite books, prospective travel plans, or anything in between, there is a new social media site that has your name on it.

While there are certainly many options for those seeking general social media sites, Facebook and Google Plus among them, social media affords great opportunities for those interested in the arts and culture specifically to connect with one another. For example, if you are a visual artist and you want to share your work online with other artists and devotees in the community, the site deviantART is an excellent resource. Composers and sound artists who want to share their music online can easily post mp3 clips to their profiles on SoundCloud.

Goodreads allows you to share your current book lists with other avid readers who can in turn provided you with relevant reading suggestions. For movie lovers, there is Flickster. And for those who love traveling to new cities, often in foreign countries, networking sites like Airbnb and CouchSurfing facilitate your connections with people who are able to host you and perhaps show you around the city.

Upon visiting these social networking sites, you may find links to articles, images, and ideas that you will want to share with others and save for later. You can do this easily with the help of social bookmarking sites like Delicious and Pinterest.

If you have questions, comments, or suggestions about social media sites, do not hesitate to share them in the section below.